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  • Vistumbler is wireless network scanner written in AutoIT for Windows . The main purpose of vistumbler is to map and visualize the access points arount you based on the wireless and gps data collected.
  • The current version is made for Windows 10, but should still work on 8, 7, and vista. .Net framework v4 is required.
  • Uses the Windows Native Wifi API or netsh to find access points and get wireless information
  • GPS Support.  Supports COM based NMEA recievers.
  • Export/Import access points from Vistumbler TXT/VS1/VSZ or Netstumbler TXT/Text NS1
  • Export access point GPS locations to a google earth kml file or GPX(GPS eXchange format)
  • Live Google Earth Tracking - Auto KML automatically shows access points in google earth.
  • Speaks Signal Strength using sound files, windows sound api, or MIDI
  • Open Source (GPLv2 License / Written in AutoIt Scripting Language)
  • For best results, disconnect from all access points while scanning for networks.
  • To use Vistumbler in a language other than English, you first need to change the language in (Settings -> Language). If you language is not yet supported you can manually change your searchwords or help create a language pack
  • If no access points show, make sure the right network adapter is selected in the Interface menu.
  • For The graphing to start, select an access point in the graph access point list
  • There are 3 options to use a GPS with vistumbler. Kernel32 is the recommended com interface since it supports both x32 and x64. If that interface does not work you can try CommMG which should also work with x32 and x64 (but is slightly less stable). There is also Netcomm OCX, which requires the NETCommOCX ActiveX control to be installed first (Netcomm will only install in x32. Some people have gotten it to work with x64)
  • Adding APs to the top of the list is slower. In a area with a high number of access points it is better to add to the bottom of the list (Options --> Add new APs to top)
  • GPS receivers need to be serial based and show up as a COM port. If you have a built in sensor that uses the windows location platform you may be able to use a tool like 'Centrafuse Localizer' to create a virtual com port that vistumbler can use.  'GPSGate Splitter' also has some tools to create a compatible virtual com port that vistumbler can use.
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Vistumbler Sceenshot