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Vistumbler v10.6.5 06/28/2019
  • Added portable mode
  • update manufacturer updater
  • enable other users gui
  • changed locate api to order bssids by signal
Vistumbler v10.6.4 02/10/2018
  • Vistumbler no longer requires administrator rights. It now prompts for elevation only if you are updating. Settings have been moved to the local profile.
  • Button Colors can now be specified for easier visibility
  • export and wifidb related fixes
  • Added updated script to update manufactures that no longer needs .net 3.5
  • Removed soundr so vistumbler no longer needs .net 3.5
Vistumbler v10.6 06/12/2015
  • Added "Minimal GUI Mode". This feature is meant to increase performance while scanning by turing off the list and treeview.
  • Added features to automatically save and clear a list after a certain number of access points or after a certain amount of time
  • Updates to WifiDB intergration. New api for uploading, geonames lookup, and graphing
  • Added batch inserts when adding into the listview to try to increase performance. this is also now used when sorting lists
Vistumbler v10.5 03/08/2013
  • Updated to use new git repository for updating purposes. This is the main reason for this update
  • Added filtered csv export
Vistumbler v10.4 12/16/2012
  • Added RSSI, High Signal, High RSSI filters
  • Fixed Refresh Interface not removing old entry
  • Fixed update variable not found error
  • Updated German language file(Deutsch.ini) to new version by gAlAX-e
  • Changed DB number values to integers instead of text
  • Changed channel graph to use filters
Vistumbler v10.3 10/18/2012
  • Default scan mode is now native wifi. native wifi now has bssid, channel, network type, rssi
  • Updated VS1 and detailed csv formats to include rssi
  • Added channel graphing
Vistumbler v10 07/11/2010
  • Added color icon indicator of signal strength in listview
  • Added new style filtering. Multiple filters can now be saved now. Enable/Disable filters
  • Added detailed CSV export
  • Added Refresh Interface Option to the Interfaces menu
  • Added script to use phils manufmac.exe to create an updated Manufactures.mdb
  • Added wardrive-android DB3 import support
  • Added support for BlueNMEA as GPS source
  • Updated Import window to include more options
  • Updated Manufacturers
  • Updated Language Bulgarian.ini (by peter_ew)
  • Updated Language Czech.ini (by ps72)
  • Updated Language French.ini (by Lobotomise)
  • Updated Language Italiano.ini (by Mimmo 17)
  • Updated Installer
  • Reorganized Menu layouts
  • Removed old Vistumbler TXT export (replaced by CSV export)
Vistumbler v9.8 10/13/2009
  • Added option to display kml signal map as a circle. Added option to show kml signal range with a circle.
  • Added color selection to Export KML options.
  • Added way to set wifidb locate refresh interval.
  • Added updated Native Wifi UDF
  • Added updated Italiano.ini by Mimmo 17
  • Changed how vistumbler picks the highest gps location (uses signal first then number of sats instead of the other way around)
  • Changed SVN urls.
  • Changed "Import Folder" so it supports VSZ files.
  • Fixed crash if no files exist when importing a folder.
  • Fixed error opening multiple VSZ files caused by not closing data.vs1 after importing it.
  • Made GUI Text in update.exe settable in language packs.
  • Moved WiFiDB Locate back into vistumbler. It seems to work better there. (So no trying to use it on a flakey connection)
Vistumbler v9.7 08/02/2009
  • Added MDB recovery options. Vistumbler should now be able to have multiple copies open from the same folder.
  • Added "Auto Select Connected AP" feature.
  • Added "Auto WiFiDB GPS Locate" and "Locate in WifiDB" functions.
  • Updated graphing so graph dead time is time based and does not need zeros written into the history table for all dead aps.
  • Updated official WifiDB URL
  • Fixed issue in zip.au3 that cause visumbler to get a -1 error when opening a vs1 file
  • Fixed wrong date format in title bar. (In Japanese Version)
  • Fixed some characters not showing in the treeview. (In Japanese Version)
Vistumbler v9.6 07/04/2009
  • Added kml option to create signal maps
  • Added milliseconds to timestamps
  • Added md5 check to imported files so they can only be loaded once.
  • Added "Export to CSV"
  • Added support for not equal "<>" in filters.
  • Added % values to graphs
  • Changed language settings gui so date format follows regional settings
  • Changed language files date so they all used yyyy/M/d format
  • Fixed crash if no network adapters are found
  • Reformatted Settings file. Changed old defaults.
  • Updated Update.exe so it should handle error better
Vistumbler v9.4 06/09/2009
  • Improved filtering. You can now filter multiple categories. Filtering by signal now works. Added support for filtering ranges.
  • Added buttons to browse for colors in the settings window.
  • Added "Kernel32" option for com interface.
  • Added feature to set how long to wait before marking an access point dead. This should help with certain adapters that keep going active/dead repeatedly.
Vistumbler v9.3 04/27/2009
  • Added limited native wifi support based on a UDF by MattyD
  • "Auto Refresh Networks" now uses native wifi to refresh networks(in netsh mode and native wifi mode)
  • Added GPX(GPS eXchange Format) export support
  • changed wiki url
Vistumbler v9.2 03/22/2009
  • Started to add filtering capability.
  • Extended VS1 format to include more GPS information.
  • Changed vistumbler to use a DB file for manufacturers, labels, and instruments. This was done so all these things don't need to be loaded in at startup.
  • Changed how language files are used so when a new version of a language is added it updates automatically.
  • Changed dates inside vistumbler so they should obey regional formats.
  • Changed file save default name back to local time in "yyyy-mm-dd hh-mm-ss" format.
  • Changed the way the treeview works. Treeview will now obey the filters that are set.
  • Change how information is added to the listview during file import and mdb recovery.
  • Fixed some APs having signal even though they are dead when loading from a file.
  • Close button should now cancel a file import.
  • Fixed (Options / Refreshing Networks) and (Options / Graph Dead Time) text not loading from language packs.
  • Fixed crash on guess netsh searchwords if nothing was returned.
Vistumbler v9.0 11/28/2008
  • Vistumbler now uses a MDB file to store data instead of internal arrays
  • Restructured code to support the new MDB database.
  • Many internal changes to increase speed
  • Manufacturer and Labels list in settings gui now sort again
  • Fixed first and last times when importing files (they should now be correct)
  • VS1/TXT files now use UTC time
  • Double clicking a AP in the list now deselects it
  • Added automatic updating / manual updating
  • Added help menu with links to website, wiki, and forum
  • Added Interface selection menu
  • Added GPS checksum checking
  • Moved AutoKML to its own exe so program running time isn't affected
  • Added Russian language pack by Vlad "Utter" StepanoFF
  • Added Polish language pack by Lordwader
  • Added Japanese language by Thira
  • Added updated French language file by lobotomize
  • Added updated Italian language file by Mimmo 17
  • Updated Vistumbler file icon
Vistumbler v8.1 8/10/2008
  • Added code to speak signal strength of selected access point. (Options --> Speak Signal)
  • Moved Signal speech into its own exe (say.exe)
  • Added GPS Track Drawing to AutoKML and Export KML
  • Fixed GPS baud not saving
  • Added VSZ Support (Zipped VS1)
Vistumbler v8.0 7/11/2008
  • Vistumbler now keeps a GPS position history
  • Added Auto KML - Live google earth access point tracking
  • Added VS1 export - Vistumbler's new VS1 format exports GPS history anf GPS data
  • New settings window
  • New Import window
  • Separated compass from gps details window. Both GPS Compass and GPS details now rember their last position
  • Added GPS format options
  • Added Export and Import from Netstumbler Text File
  • Added code to reduce memory
Vistumbler v7.6 6/2/2008
  • Updated KML icons to point to new website location
  • Added options to Export KML so you can choose what kind of APs to map
  • Added debug display (disabled by default)
Vistumbler v7.5 05/17/2008
  • Updated Sort functions so they actually work
  • Updated "Import From TXT" function so it is faster
  • Added AutoSave feature
  • Added "Open Save Folder" link into the file menu
  • Added timeouts to While loops to try and prevent freezing
  • Added third icon for WEP APs in KML files - suggested here
  • Fixed Loading total line being one off
  • Added updated Italian language files
  • Modified German language files so encryption will show
Visumbler v7.43 04/05/2008

  • Modified GPS GPGGA so it would take a fix quality of 2 and not just 1
  • Fixed Latitude and longitude being backwards when updating gps location from 0.0000000
  • Fixed GPS being put into array in wrong position when updating gps location from 0.0000000
  • Replace Spanish language pack with one created by dupin
Vistumbler v7.42 02/26/08
  • Widened buttons on the main window for other languages
  • Fixed import of saved files. It now does not miss the last line
  • Modified save to kml so that when it exports it uses the language that vistumbler is using.
Vistumbler v7.41 02/20/08
  • Added czech.ini language file by PS72
  • Expanded Columns For Latitude, Longitude, Refresh Time, and Active APs
Vistumbler v7.4 02/03/08
  • Added Column Width Settings window
  • Modified GPS internals so it should be more compatible
  • Made some more GUI text changeable
  • Added updated German Language
  • Added Updated manufactures
  • Fixed GPRMC showing as GPGMC
  • Added Code to remember last position of the vistumbler window
Vistumbler v7.3 01/23/08
  • Added network refresher (Extra --> Start Refreshing Networks)
  • Added Ability to graph when access point goes dead. So drops can be shown (Options --> Graph Dead Time)
  • Updated GPS code to fix results being calculated a 1/2 mile off in certain areas
Vistumbler v7.2 01/13/08
  • Download: Vistumbler v7.2
  • To use GPS you can use 'CommMG' or 'Netcomm OCX'. 'CommMG' is included, but it is less stable. With 'CommMG' if you unplug the GPS without turning it off then Vistumbler will crash. 'Netcomm OXC' does not have this problem. To use 'Netcomm OCX' it first needs to be installed ( ). If you are using x64 vista, CommMG is your only option.
  • Added CommMG dll to make Vistumbler GPS compatible with Vista x64
  • Added GPS details screen (Extra -> GPS Details)
  • Fixed KML export feature so it indicated open/wep correctly
  • Fixed Latitude Longitude import into array on file load
Vistumbler v7.1 11/12/07
  • Fixed "Add Manufacturer by Mac" and "Add Labels by Mac" GUIs so when they sort they to not mess up mac address that are all numbers (string being treated as a number)
  • Fixed numbering access points when loading a list into another list
  • Fixed columns being in wrong order when Vistumbler is loaded without a ini file
  • Added French language by Bubu
Vistumbler v7 - 11/11/07
  • Vistumbler now uses arrays instead of the listview to store its data. This has sped up Vistumbler
  • Vistumbler now uses the windows API to draw the graph instead of native autoit drawing tools. This should help with the flickering of the screen every time the graph refreshes
  • Changed when new AP sound is played. It will only play once per loop now.
  • Signal history is no longer kept in the listview (yet another speed/cpu improvement)
  • many small speed improvements
  • Added Italian language file proved by Mimmo17
  • Added "Open" and "None" Searchwords so other languages will be able to export to KML file
  • Modified change language GUI so it now shows language creator, data, and description
  • Added AP number column into the AP list
Vistumbler v6.1 - 10/29/07
  • Download: Vistumbler v6.1
  • To use GPS you will need the 'Netcomm OCX' (
  • Added GUI to add and edit labels
  • Added GUI to add and edit manufactures
  • Added German Language pack given by "CD Fighter" in the techidiots forum
  • Fixed "Exit" in the file menu
Vistumber v6 - 10/28/07
  • Download: Vistumbler v6
  • To use GPS you will need the 'Netcomm OCX' (
  • Made GUI words set by variable and able to be changed by language pack
  • GUI reorganization
Vistumbler v5.9 - 10/25/07
  • Download: Vistumbler 5.9
  • To use GPS you will need the 'Netcomm OCX' (
  • Added language selection window (Options --> Set Language). Right now I only have English and Spanish but I am hoping I can get more. Languages can be added to the Vistumbler\Languages directory
  • Moved settings and sounds into their own folders
  • Fixed various spelling errors (eg. Chanel, Encryption)
Vistumbler v5.81 - 10/17/2007
  • Download: Vistumbler 5.81
  • To use GPS you will need the 'Netcomm OCX' ( )
  • Updated link to Phil's php graph
  • Modified how new APs get added to the list so that the empty row is not so visible before the data gets put into it
Vistumbler v5.8 beta - 10/15/2007
  • Download: Vistumbler 5.8
  • To use GPS you will need the 'Netcomm OCX' ( )
  • Fixed First Active time changing when it shouldn't have been (it was changing to Last Active every loop)
  • Added Signal History 2 so more that 4095 lines could be stored. Vistumbler now supports 8190 characters for signal data (some of this is used for the delimiters)
  • Added link to my friends PHP graphing in the Extra menu.
  • This graphs the current selected access point and allows for the graph to be saved as png.
Vistumbler v5.7 beta - 10/08/2007
  • Download: Vistumbler 5.7
  • To use GPS you will need the 'Netcomm OCX' ( )
  • Added second type of graphing. This graph allows more samples
  • Fixed New AP sound
  • Added GPS error sound
Vistumbler v5.6 beta - 9/30/2007
  • Download: Vistumbler 5.6
  • To use GPS you will need the 'Netcomm OCX' ( )
  • Added GPS error support. Vistumbler no longer crashes when the GPS is unplugged before being turned off
Vistumbler v5.5 beta - 09/16/2007
  • Download: Vistumbler v5.5
  • To use GPS you will need the 'Netcomm OCX' ( )
  • Created EXE installer for Vistumbler
  • Various bug fixes
  • Changed when controls get resized to make it look better
  • Vistumbler no longer crashes if you don't have the netcomm ocx installed when you turn on the gps. It will just prompt you to install the netcomm ocx and not turn gps on.
  • Created Vistumbler icon
Vistumbler v5.4 beta - 09/11/2007
  • Download: Vistumbler v5.4
  • To use GPS you will need the 'Netcomm OCX' ( )
  • Fixed access points not showing if multiple access points were returned in one SSID
Vistumbler v5.3 beta - 09/11/2007
  • Download: Vistumbler v5.3
  • To use GPS you will need the 'Netcomm OCX' ( )
  • Modified GUI. All data is now kept in one listview, this should help speed up Vistumbler in big lists
  • Output file has changed in this version. you can no longer import output files from previous versions
Vistumbler v5.2 beta - 09/10/2007
  • Download: Vistumbler v5.2
  • To use GPS you will need the 'Netcomm OCX' ( )
  • Added 'mac_labels.ini' which allows you to assign a specific mac address a label (helpful if all your access points have the same SSID and you don't want to memorize mac addresses)
  • When you switch tabs(details to graph or graph to details) it takes the current selected access point in the current tab and selects the same access point in the new tab.
Vistumbler v5.1 beta - 09/09/2007 <-- BDAY RELEASE
  • Download: Vistumbler v5.1
  • To use GPS you will need the 'Netcomm OCX' ( )
  • Graph now resizes when the window is resized
  • Fixed graph listview resizing problem
  • Export to TXT and Save To TXT now also save graph data
  • Import From TXT now imports graph data
  • Graph listview can now be sorted and reorganized
  • Added exit confirmation if data has changed
Vistumbler v5.05 beta - 09/08/2007
  • Download: Vistumbler v5.05
  • To use GPS you will need the 'Netcomm OCX' ( )
  • Vistumbler is now resizable again
Vistumbler v5 Beta - 09/07/2007
  • Download: Vistumbler v5
  • To use GPS you will need the 'Netcomm OCX' ( )
  • Added signal graphing feature
  • In this version of Vistumbler you are not able to resize the Vistumbler window. This is because of the changes I had to make to get the graph on a tabbed interface. I am looking for a way to make the window resizable again, but for now it is not.
Vistumbler v4.3 Beta - 09/01/2007
  • Download: Vistumbler 4.3
  • To use GPS you will need the 'Netcomm OCX' ( )
  • Changed how data gets updated. the GUI only updates now if data from netsh has changed. this should make the program less cpu intensive and it should work better with big lists.
Vistumbler v4.2 Beta - 08/26/2007
  • Download: Vistumbler 4.2
  • To use GPS you will need the 'Netcomm OCX' ( )
  • Cleaned up code
  • Made Vistumbler less cpu intensive
  • Various bug fixes
Vistumbler v4.1 Beta - 08/23/2007
  • Download: Vistumbler 4.1
  • To use GPS you will need the 'Netcomm OCX' ( )
  • Added GUI to change netsh search words
  • Added message label to the GUI
  • Fixed some things I had taken out when I changed the GUI
Vistumbler v4 Beta - 08/19/2007
  • Download: Vistumbler 4.0
  • To use GPS you will need the 'Netcomm OCX' ( )
  • GUI Change. Added treeview, moved GPS and Sort settings into separated option GUIs
  • Various code changes
Vistumbler 3.31 Beta 08/03/2007
  • Download: Vistumbler 3.31
  • To use GPS you will need the 'Netcomm OCX' ( )
  • When column width or position is changed the new width or position will be saved in the INI file as the default settings
  • Added option to change if new access points are added to the top of the list or the bottom
Vistumbler 3.2 Beta 08/02/2007
  • Download: Vistumbler 3.2
  • To use GPS you will need the 'Netcomm OCX' ( )
  • Clicking a columns header now sorts based on that column
  • Column position can be changed by dragging and dropping from the columns header
  • Added sound for new access points
  • Added grid lines
  • GUI modification
Vistumbler 3.1 Beta 08/01/2007
  • Download: Vistumbler 3.1
  • To use GPS you will need the 'Netcomm OCX' ( )
  • Added Ascending/Descending Combo box to the sort feature
  • Made it so 'Auto Sort' state gets save in ini.
  • Added milliseconds to timestamp so that it sorts better in 'Sort By Last Active' and 'Sort By First Active' mode
Vistumbler 3.0 Beta 07/30/2007
  • Download: Vistumbler 3.0
  • To use GPS you will need the 'Netcomm OCX' ( )
  • Added Sort Feature
  • Made column position, name, and width changeable by 'vistumbler_settings.ini'
  • Made netsh search terms changeable. this should allow for Vistumbler to be easily modified for other languages
  • Added Manufacturer column. Data is taken from the 'MANUFACURERS' section of 'vistumbler_settings.ini', Data is formatted 'FirstSixMacAddressChars=Company' (e.g. 000D29=Cisco ). Manufacturer information was taken from here ( )
  • Output file format has changed. Files from previous versions of vistumbler will not be compatible
Vistumbler 2.2 Beta 07/21/2007
  • Download: Vistumbler 2.2
  • To use GPS you will need the 'Netcomm OCX' ( )
  • Modified how gps port gets open. Gps port opens when "Use GPS" is turned on and closed when "Use GPS" turns off instead of opening and closing the port every cycle.
  • Added StringStripWS to information striped from netsh to get rid of unwanted white space
Vistumbler 2.1 Beta 07/21/2007
  • Download: Vistumbler 2.1
  • To use GPS you will need the 'Netcomm OCX' ( )
  • Added connection speeds into the gps buad selector
  • Changed COM port selection to a combo box
  • Added total access points into the GUI
  • Changed how the program gets its gps location
  • Restructured Program
  • Fixed 'First Active' 'Last Active' timestamps.
Vistumbler 2.0 Beta 07/16/2007
  • Download: Vistumbler 2.0
  • To use GPS you will need the 'Netcomm OCX' ( )
  • Changed how data is displayed.
  • Added GPS functionality
Vistumbler 1.0 Beta 7/11/2007